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Press Kit

Press Contact: 

Brandon Nolte // Co-Founder of Stello
Cell: 484-620-6628


What is Stello?

Stello - Tin - PeppermintStello - Tin - LemonStello - Tin - Matcha

After years of struggling with bouts of anxiety and stress, Co-Founders Tyler & Brandon created Stello -- a functional mint (with hemp extract) that helps busy professionals, stay calm and clear-minded during life's challenging moments.

   •   Calm All Month Long: 30 Mints Per Container
   •   Made with Hemp Extract: 5mg Per Mint (THC Free)
   •   Bold Flavors: Peppermint, Lemon, and Matcha


Our Experience:

In 2013, we launched one of the first online retail stores for CBD. Six years and +$10 million in sales later, we made an important discovery: 

People who needed CBD the most weren't gravitating towards it due to its niche positioning and inaccessible, difficult-to-use formats.

So we formulated a mint containing best-in-class CBD hemp -- that can be utilized comfortably by anyone, anytime to reduce stress.


Press Releases:

   •   Stello - Press Release - 06-24-21


    Press Coverage:

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    Co-Founders, Brandon Nolte (left), and Tyler Rustin (right)

    Headshot of Brandon, Co-FounderHeadshot of Tyler Rustin, Co-Founder



    Stello - Logo - Blue (Transparent)Stello - Logo - White (Transparent)Stello - Logo - Black (Transparent)


    Photos & Graphics:

    Stello - Tin - PeppermintStello - Tin - LemonStello - Tin - MatchaStello - WavesStello - Rowboat & WavesStello - Rowboat (Light Blue)Stello - EnlightenupStello - Rowboat (Transparent)


    Instagram: @stellomints #EnlightenUp